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Fee Schedule

Office Visit: 
$90.00 for one hour appointment
$45.00 for 30 min follow up
$30.00 for 15 min follow-up
Home Visits:
$145.00 for first home visit one hour appointment 
$110.00 for follow up one hour visits
Women, Maternal and Infant Nutrition (one hour consult)
$90.00 for hormone consultations 
$90.00 for pregnancy consultations
$110.00 for hormone saliva test kit  
Shopping by the Rainbow Tour (at health food or grocery stores)
$100.00 for grocery store tour at store of your choice
Children's Nutrition
$35.00 for children's appointments (1/2 hr.) 
Phone Sessions are available
$30.00 for 30 min phone appointment          
Ask the Nutritionist?
$9.99 question and answer   
Educational Seminars:
$75.00 for seminars from 30 min to 90 min
$150.00 for seminars from 95 min to 3 hrs.
The Rainbow Program Seminars:
$75.00  30-45 min seminar  
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Obtain the latest info about supplements, diets, food, and health food store products during your comprehensive health assessment.